By now, most of us have heard of the great reset driven by Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum. Some are all for it, thinking it’s time to build a fairer society and press the reset button on capitalism. Many are ambivalent towards the idea or think it’s just a conspiracy theory.

Well, according to Klaus and the WEF, they have us covered with a master plan. Even better, it has the backing of some pretty high-profile organizations like the IMF and the European Central Bank. Here’s the big question. Do these global elites really have our best interests at heart?

Is it a coincidence that numerous central banks are looking into implementing CBDCs, with some already running pilot projects of their own form of Central Bank Digital Currencies? Could it be that CBDCs are a new Financial infrastructure and provide the perfect method for an entirely new and upgraded form of financial control? So what are our options…READ MORE…

I am a writer for the Market Network and crypto/blockchain industry. I’m a strong advocate for technology, progress, freedom of speech and I embrace “Change”.

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